NGS services

At Helixy, we  provide comprehensive Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) services. Our collaboration with leading industry partners enables us to offer a wide range of NGS solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We are actively in the process of building our local NGS facility in Norway.

Sequencing platforms

In collaboration with our partners, we are providing a wide range of NGS services. This partnership enhances our capability to deliver comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions in the field of genomics.


Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

For Diverse Species: Catering to a wide range of organisms, our WGS services utilize optimized protocols for various sample types, ensuring high-quality genomic data. Pooled DNA Sequencing: Ideal for population genetics and breeding programs, this service provides insights into genetic variation and population structure. Microbial Community DNA Sequencing: Explore the microbial world with our sequencing services, which are pivotal in environmental monitoring, microbial ecology, and industrial biotechnology research.

Library Sequencing

Custom Library Adaptability: We handle various library types, including those for complex genomic studies like Hi-C, ATAC-Seq, and ChIP-Seq, providing comprehensive insights into chromatin organization and gene regulation.

Transcriptome Sequencing

Broad-Spectrum RNA Analysis: From mRNA to non-coding RNAs, our services cover a wide range, ideal for gene expression profiling, novel transcript discovery, and splice variant analysis.

Bisulfite Sequencing

Epigenetic Landscape Mapping: This technique is crucial for understanding DNA methylation patterns, which play a key role in gene expression regulation and are vital in cancer research and developmental biology.

PacBio HiFi Sequencing

High-Quality, Long-Reads: Our PacBio HiFi sequencing offers longer reads with high accuracy, ideal for de novo genome assembly, structural variant detection, and complex genome resolution.

Single-cell RNAseq

In-Depth Single-Cell Analysis: Utilizing the latest technology, we provide single-cell transcriptomic analysis, essential for unraveling cellular heterogeneity in tissues and understanding disease mechanisms at the cellular level.

Nanopore Sequencing

Real-Time, Flexible Sequencing: This technology allows for the sequencing of ultra-long reads, beneficial for challenging genomic regions, direct RNA sequencing, and rapid turnaround applications.

Targeted Genome and Transcriptome Analysis

Tailored solutions for both genome and transcriptome studies, including targeted resequencing and full-length transcript analysis, providing detailed insights into functional genomics.

Spatial transcriptome-Stereo-seq

Stereo-seq, a spatio-temporal omics technology independently developed by BGI Genomics, captures mRNA from tissue section by stereo chips and restores the spatial context by utilizing the spatial barcode (Coordinate ID, CID), thus establishing a solid research foundation for further understanding the relationship between gene expression, morphology of cells and local environment. Stereo-seq is a pioneering tool that achieves Nanoscale Resolution: can theoretically achieve a 100% cell capture rate, obtaining more informative and accurate cell clustering results.

Customized Bioinformatic Analysis

Tailored Data Solutions: Our team offers advanced bioinformatics services, including differential gene expression analysis, variant calling, and metagenomic analysis, tailored to your research needs.

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